If you have ever been at home during the day and turned on the TV you have most likely seen a countless number of commercial ads for one sort of attorney or another. It is no secret that there are plenty of attorneys out there who are willing to take on your case, but it is critical that you pick right attorney for your case. Because most people don’t find themselves in need of an attorney everyday it can be hard to know which lawyer will be right for you. The decision is personal, but you should go with an attorney who has experience in the area you need help in and that can answer your questions satisfactorily.

The choice of attorney also depends on the type of case. For a DUI case there are the top three benefits to picking the right defense attorney:

  • The right attorney will know the deadlines associated with your case and make sure important matters such as keeping your license are not left unattended. In a DUI case you have ten days to request review of your license suspension and if you miss the deadline you will lose your license. The length of time for which you will be without a license depends on the facts of your case, but can be up to a year or more.
  • Knowledgeable defense attorneys know to ask for a review of the breath test procedure and the machine itself. Any irregularity in administration of the test, or if the equipment has not been maintained the way it should, the test result is suspect. While you may not necessarily get the test result thrown out, you may be successful in creating enough doubt about the test that the results are questionable. If that happens you stand a good chance of having the charges reduced.
  • DUI cases can be costly as far as court costs go, but with the right attorney helping you it is possible to minimize the financial impact.

No two attorneys are the same and we understand you have choices. Our goal is to thoroughly explain the process to you so you are put at ease. Call our office today to learn more.


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