Text messaging is convenient, and can quickly convey a message to someone needing to know your whereabouts or when to meet for a function. But, texting is also dangerous, especially when you are driving. Aside from the dangers associated with being in an accident while texting and driving, there are also hazards to texting while drinking. The least of which is the possibility you accidentally send a text to a former romantic interest.

In August 2013 a woman from Miami was involved in a fatal crash, which resulted in charges of DUI and manslaughter being filed against her. The prosecution used text messages sent by the driver as part of their case. CBS News reported on this issue as follows:

  • Mila Dago was arrested after having run a red light and hitting another vehicle.
  • The driver of the truck Dago hit survived, but Dago’s passenger was killed in the crash.
  • Moments before the accident, Dago sent text messages to her boyfriend that said “driving drunk woo”, and “I’ll be dead thanks to you”.

Those texts were used in the criminal case against Dago, and helped to establish Dago was driving while intoxicated, making the content of the messages three good reasons not to text while drinking. We have warned in the past about the dangers of posting certain things on social media, and now it seems that same warning should be applied to text messages. Any time you put information out there online or via cell phone, you run the risk of that information falling into the wrong hands. And, when that information harms you legally, it is critical for you to take steps to minimize the damage. Call our office to find out how.

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