If you have ever shopped online, applied for a job, or tried to plan a vacation you know that there are certain things you want and certain things you don’t want. These needs can be summed up best by coming up with a “wish list” of important components. But you don’t always get everything on your shopping list, you may not get your dream job the first time you apply, and you may have to leave some stops off your vacation itinerary. When making these choices the best you can do is to come up with the most critical parts, so you are sure the necessities are covered. The same is true when you are facing a legal problem, where you will quickly learn that your “wish list” of needs can be whittled down to a few key factors.

For a DUI here are the three most important things to put on your “wish list” when developing a defense strategy:

  • Keeping your license: this can be accomplished by taking fast action to have the revocation of your license reviewed. If you are not able to maintain full driving privileges you should at least be successful in your attempt to obtain a modified right to drive. But you have to make the request within ten days of your DUI arrest, because if you don’t you will not be allowed to later.
  • Staying out of jail: this is most often done by agreeing to go on probation. For first time offenders this option exists in nearly every case. The key thing to keep in mind here is to negotiate probation terms you can handle. Because if you are not able to follow the rules of your probation, it will be revoked and all of your hard work will have been for nothing.
  • Minimizing the impact a DUI has on your future: this can be done by asking for an expungement of your record, so you can get the best insurance rates or apply for a job or admission to school without having to report that you have been convicted of DUI.


Call one of DUI defense attorneys for more information. We will review your case and help you focus on what you need the most. Our goal is to offer a defense that meets your needs, and that will help you have a bright future.

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