Being arrested for a DUI requires fast action and an aggressive defense. A DUI case is a multi-part case, and you have to pay attention to each part in order to get a satisfactory result. If you focus on only one of the moving parts of your case, you could end up without a license or spending time behind bars. Neither of those outcomes is appealing, and we know how to work your case to give you the best shot at avoiding an adverse result.

Three parts to every DUI case, and what you can do to defend each part of the case, includes the following:

  • The part of your case that takes place at the Courthouse is the criminal portion, the actual charge of DUI. This is where you will want to offer a defense to the charge of driving under the influence, and challenge the breath test results. You might also consider attacking the initial traffic stop as invalid, in the hopes of getting a reduction in charges or maybe even a dismissal.
  • The part of your case that deals with your right to drive is an administrative function, and it happens outside the Courthouse walls. This is the part of your case that requires you to seek reinstatement of your driving privileges, or be given at least a limited right to drive. The arresting officer is likely to show up and give testimony, but that does not mean your chances are zero. Even if you only get a modified license, this part of your case gives you a chance to hear what the officer has to say and this can come in handy in the criminal portion of your case.
  • The part of your case that is on you is the probationary period, if that is how you decide to resolve the matter. You will be responsible for following the rules of your probation, and if successful you will receive the benefits promised when you agreed to probation. This typically includes a reduction in charges, but only if you do as required while on probation.

The key to success is acting fast. As soon as you are able to make a call, call our office. We will get right to work on your case for you so you don’t miss important deadlines. The first deadline is the one where you have to request an administrative review of your license suspension. That has to happen within ten days of arrest. If not, you will not be able to ask for your license back or even a limited license.  For help with DUI defense  call us today.

If you have been charged with DUI, call our office to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney. Call today to schedule an appointment.