When a person is arrested they are generally take to jail and can only get out by posting bond (or bail). The purpose of having a defendant post bond is to ensure they will show back up when their next court date arrives. For those that fail to appear, the bond is revoked and the bondsman will seek payment of the entire amount and the State will file additional charges against the defendant. This means the defendant now has multiple charges to fight, and will likely have to wait their case out from behind bars. If you have been arrested, it is important to know the chances you will be able to bond out of jail while waiting for your next hearing or trial date.

Three reasons bond can be denied are:

  • Most felonies and physically dangerous crimes, like domestic or child abuse, are not crimes for which a defendant can bond out of jail. This is done for the protection of the “victim”, but can work a real hardship on the accused by keeping the defendant in jail rather than at work or in rehabilitative programs.
  • Subsequent DUI’s and DUI cases where there is a serious injury or death are not cases where bond is typically a viable option.
  • If you have been charged with a violation of you probation, the chances of being able to get out of jail on bond are low. The rationale is that you were given a chance at rehabilitation and failed, thus you are out chances and must now serve out the original sentence for the offense associated with the probation.

Making a request for bond, once it has been denied, can be an uphill battle. However, that does not mean it cannot be accomplished. We understand the importance of being able to go home, go to work, and continue meeting your daily obligations while waiting for trial. When the circumstances are such that a strong case for bond can be made, we fight for your right to maintain your freedom. If a loved one has been denied bond, or if you have questions about how bail works, call our office for answers.

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