The idea of going to jail is not appealing…to anyone. But if you get arrested for a crime, even a misdemeanor, there is a chance that you could spend some time behind bars. One good way to avoid this outcome is to agree to go on probation. Probation allows you to stay out of jail while still serving your sentence and being “punished”. The key is to follow all of the terms of your probation though, so at the end the charge against you are either dismissed or reduced (whatever agreement you made when deciding probation was the answer for you).

Three reasons to follow the rules of your probation are:

  • A violation will get you in trouble by leading to a new charge, that of violation of probation. Plus, you will have to now stand and face the full range of punishment possible for the original offense. This requires you to defend two cases now, at the same time
  • Your probation will be revoked, which means that whatever agreement you thought you made will now no longer be available. So if you were expecting charges to be reduced, that will no longer be a possibility.
  • If you get arrested in the future and want to resolve that case by going on probation, the offer may not be made to you. The reasoning is that if you have already violated probation before, the State attorney will not be likely to think you can be successful later. This can make it hard to defend a future case without the chance of going to jail as part of the punishment.

So, it is best to follow the rules of your probation and stay out of trouble for the duration of the probationary period. While each case and probationary term is different, the one thing that is always expected of you is to avoid any new arrests or tickets. If you get a new ticket or are arrested for something new that is when the violation takes place and the revocation of you probation happens. If you have questions about how to stay on track, or what you will be expected to do during probation, call our office. We can help you decide if probation is the right answer for you.

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