The internet is full of information about what to do in certain situations and one of the most popular searches is how to act if you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint. One theory out there is that you can stay in your car and refuse to answer any questions. But taking this approach is risky and can cause you to be charged with DUI and possibly other lesser crimes. It is important to separate fact from fiction now, so you will know what to do if you find yourself at a DUI checkpoint.

Three things to expect and some ground rule for DUI checkpoints include these things:

  • The checkpoint must be advertised to the public in advance and it must be clearly marked as such.
  • The cars stopped must be stopped at random, without any type of profiling activity by the police.
  • The scope of the questioning if you are stopped should be limited to DUI related matters.

In order to make it through a DUI checkpoint successfully it is advisable to remain calm and answer only the questions asked. If you become hostile or refuse to hand over your driver’s license to the authorities, the police will likely find cause to investigate further and this can lead to a DUI arrest. If you make it through the checkpoint without incident, take the knowledge you gained from the experience and apply it in the future. But if by chance you are unlucky enough to be charged with DUI from a checkpoint stop you must take quick action. You have a very short ten days to take action with regard to your license and if you do not do anything during this time you will lose the right to drive. This can lead to a real hardship when you need to get to work or school, or any of your other activities. Call us to find out what to do next and let us help you with your case. Our knowledgeable DUI attorneys know what to do in cases stemming from checkpoints as well as run of the mill traffic stops. Call to make an appointment today.


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