Being able to drive is a big deal, and is a necessary task for most all of us. Without a car or a license we lack the ability to go where we want, when we want. Having to find alternate forms of transportation can be hard, and can start to wear on you and those that you call on for rides regularly. So if you get pulled over and arrested for DUI, one of the most important parts of your case will be to try and save your driving rights. It can be done, but there are procedures to follow and some things you need to become familiar with before asking for a limited license.

Three things to know about a limited license when you get a DUI include these critical pieces of information:

  • You only have ten days from the date you are arrested to ask for a limited license. If you do not make a written request for review of your license suspension, you will lose your right to drive temporarily. This puts you in the position of having to find another way to get where you need to be, and can add to the frustration you are already feeling from having been charged with DUI. We know the deadline is tight, so we take special care to make sure your request is made on time. We are familiar with the process and know how to follow the rules in place to ask for your limited right to drive.
  • After you have made a written request, you will be given a date to appear at an administrative hearing. This hearing will not take place within the same ten days that you had to make the request, and in the meantime you will be allowed to drive with a paper license. Be sure to keep this piece of paper on you at all times, or you can face charges of driving without a license.
  • At the hearing you will have to put on evidence in support of your request for reinstatement of your driving privileges, and most first time offenders are given at least a limited license at this time. This license gives you the right to drive under certain, limited, circumstances. It is crucial that you drive only as allowed, or you can face additional charges.

If you have concerns about how you are going to drive after a DUI arrest, call our office. We will explain the procedure to you, and work together to come up with a plan of attack that works.

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