Being pulled over and arrested for DUI usually happens after an office witnesses a driver exhibiting certain driving behaviors consistent with drunk driving. For example; if you are weaving in and out of traffic, speeding, driving too slow, disregarding traffic lights or stop signs, driving the wrong way on a street, or engaging in any other driving patterns that are identified with drunk driving, the chance of being pulled over is high. These actions happen routinely enough, but a new type of behavior is becoming more common and it is making it easier for the police to find drivers and make DUI arrests. The culprit is social media, and there always seem to be new ways logging on can get you in trouble.

One woman from Lakeland, Florida found out the hard way how social media plays a role in law enforcement. A new app called Periscope allows a user to record and broadcast their every move and that is just what the driver did, after having been drinking. The authorities do not regularly use the app, but one officer downloaded it and was able to pinpoint the driver’s location from the information she was streaming. This lead to hear arrest, and charge of DUI. Three other things not to post on social media if you have been drinking include:

  • Photos of yourself out at a bar, surrounded by alcohol.
  • Tweets or other updates as to your whereabouts and what you are doing, especially if your actions include drinking.
  • An admission that you have had too much to drink, or have had anything to drink at all.

We understand the temptation to take a selfie, or a group photo with your friends to have something to look back on fondly. But if the information is damaging, it should be kept off of social media. Not only should you avoid making the posts yourself, but if any of your friends “tag” you in a photo or check you in to a bar, ask for the tag to be removed or remove it yourself. The less evidence of what you were doing just before being arrested, the better. Courts are allowing this type of data in as evidence, and there is nothing worse than having handed the prosecution its case against you. Call us today to learn how to fight a DUI, and what you can expect during your case.


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