Even an unlicensed driver knows that if you driver faster than the speed limit you can get a ticket. This is something most of us learned by seeing a friend or family member get pulled over, or by watching the police give chase on our favorite television show. But what many drivers don’t know is what types of driving patterns police look for when making traffic stops, or how those driving patterns can give law enforcement reasonable suspicion that a driver is intoxicated. Knowing what the police look for when making a DUI stop can help you to avoid being pulled over for DUI but can also help if you are charged, when you develop a defense to those charges.

Three things the police look for when making a DUI stop include these types of driving habits:

  • Driving too fast, or eve too slow. The speed limit is posted so that drivers know how fast they are allowed to drive on any given road, and if you go too fast you can be pulled over. But it is just as important to know that if you drive significantly under the speed limit you can also raise suspicion that you are driving while impaired. Some drivers mistakenly believe that if they just go slow enough, they will be pulled over. However, driving too slow poses just as much of a danger to other motorists as does driving too fast and doing so after drinking will not stop you from getting pulled over and charged with DUI.
  • Disregarding traffic signals or signs. If you come to a stop sign and don’t stop, you will probably be pulled over. Or, if you run a red light, chances are you will be stopped.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic or changing lanes too quickly appears erratic and can get you stopped on suspicion of driving while under the influence. Even if you use your turn signal when doing this, if your lane changes are jerky, you can appear to be driving while intoxicated.

If you have been arrested for DUI, call us for help. The analysis often times starts with the initial traffic stop, and there are defenses you can offer even for the types of driving described above. Let us review your case and let you know what steps to take next.


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