One of the most frequently asked questions from those charged with DUI is “will I lose my license”? In most instances, successful negotiations result in no jail time to serve and the granting of at least a modified right to drive. But, the ultimate results depend on the specific facts of your case. No two cases are the same, so it is important to know what lies ahead for you. To some degree this depends on the category of DUI defendant into which your falls.

In a DUI case, there are varying degrees of the level of punishment faced by the defendant. The three types of DUI defendants, at least as far as the right to drive, include:

  • First time offenders: a first time offender is usually able to resolve their case by agreeing to go on probation for a certain period of time, which normally involves having an interlock device installed in their car and going to driving school. A first time offender can expect to lose their license for 6 months to a year, but can also expect to be granted a provisional license that grants a limited right to drive. The driving privileges associated with a modified license are less than those that go along with a regular driver’s license, but do allow a driver to go to and from school and work, and certain other activities.
  • For those drivers looking at their second DUI, the length of time applicable to loss of driving privileges increases to up to five years and the time you are forced to go without full driving privileges continues to rise with a third offense.
  • Drivers that have already had 3 DUI cases can expect to lose their license permanently when a 4th case is filed.

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