In order for an arrest to be made and a crime prosecuted, the State has to have some sort of Just over a month ago, the half-brother of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Nam, was murdered in Kuala Lumpur. The incident heated up political tensions between North Korea and Malaysia, and it does not appear that the dispute will come to an end any time soon. Most recently, both nations undertook actions to bar citizens from the other country from leaving their country. North Korea issued a statement that said they would bar any Malaysians from leaving the country until there was a resolution to the issue, and Malaysia replied in kind by prohibiting North Koreans from exiting Malaysia until assurances of Malaysian citizens’ safety in North Korea were made. Many times this type of news seems a million miles away, both geographically and also in our everyday lives. But the truth is that the things that happen across the globe help to shape some of our own domestic policies. A good example is the push for immigration control, which has really hit home in the past few months.

Three ways the death of Nam could affect you could be:

  • Tighter travel restrictions.
  • An increased speed in implementation, or attempted implementation, of new immigration laws in the United States.
  • Possible increases in security alert levels, which might increase the time it takes to complete travel or gain entry into governmental facilities and buildings.

Often times we take our freedoms for granted in the United States, but when international incidents such as these take place, it is always good to pay attention. The events that happen in other countries have a way of producing a ripple effect on the things we do each day, so knowing what has occurred helps you to plan. For instance, when the Twin Towers fell it wasn’t long before the price of gas started inching upward. The political environment across the globe is a good measuring stick for changes in our country, and sometimes those changes make their way down to local government as well. We stay on top of changes in our local laws, but also keep an eye on the international scene for any events that may start legal trends we need to know.

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