Florida has many popular vacation destination spots, and nearly every one of them has bars and restaurants. And, we all know that when people go on vacation, there is a good chance that eating out and drinking will be part of the plans. But, even though you are away from home, you still have transportation needs. So, it is just as possible to get a DUI while on vacation in Florida as it is when you are at home. If that happens, you have to take steps to protect your rights and make sure that you are able to manage your case from a distance, or make plans while on vacation that could help you avoid an out of state DUI all together.

Three ways to avoid a DUI while on vacation in Florida are:

  • Be aware of your surroundings: if you make the choice to go to a heavily populated area, the chances are higher that there will be more police on patrol. Before making your plans, take a quick walk around the area so you are familiar with what’s going on in the location.
  • Make arrangements for alternative forms of transportation, like calling a cab or using a driving service such as Uber. If you know that alcohol will be a part of your event, take the time before heading out to line up a safe ride back to your hotel.
  • Remember that you are still required to obey the rules of the road. Just because you are out of town, it does not mean that all of the laws go out of the window. Even in the most laid back of environments there are still rules to follow, and if you forget this and make a mistake you might find yourself being given a ticket for a violation.

Going on vacation is supposed to be fun, and nothing can put a damper on things more than getting a ticket or being arrested. And, it is certainly no fun to go home with a big fine as a souvenir, and the need to defend a case from a distance. There are things you can do to make it more convenient to defend your case from out of state, but you have to have the help of a local attorney with experience in these types of cases. Our team of DUI defense attorneys takes on cases from people from all places, and is ready to help defend you today.

For more information about out of state criminal defense, call an experienced defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. We offer an initial consultation for no charge, and look forward to working with you.