There are a lot of myths out there about how to best defend a DUI case. You may have heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that if you refuse to submit to a breath test then the State has nothing against you, or you may have been told by a well-intentioned relative that the breath test results are rock solid and there is nothing you can do. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, and the type of defense you put on depends on the specific facts of your case. The only way to get to the bottom of the case and figure out what facts are in your favor, and what hurdles you have to overcome, is to partner with a skilled DUI defense attorney. Knowledgeable defense attorneys will know where to look for answers to the questions likely to arise in your case, and will know what type of defense will work best for your particular set of circumstances.

Three common DUI ways to fight a DUI case include the following:

  • Questioning whether the traffic stop that got you arrested for DUI was a good stop. If the initial traffic stop was done without cause then it is possible that the resulting arrest is also not valid.
  • Attacking the validity of the breath test results, either by claiming the test was not administered properly or by presenting other reasons for the test result, like a prescription drug or other legal substance in your system.
  • Looking at the testing equipment maintenance records, if the machines are not properly maintained or are malfunctioning at the time of the test, the results may not be admissible.

It is crucial to examine all of the facts of your case so you know what type of defense strategy is best for you. With the help of a skilled DUI defense attorney, you can reach satisfactory results in your case. Many times part of the resolution includes agreeing to go on probation, and the terms of that probation will have a significant impact on your daily schedule. It is important to negotiate terms that work for you, so you are more likely to successfully complete your case. Our goal is to come to conclusions you can live with, so you are able to complete your case with ease. Call today to learn more.


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