When you are arrested for DUI, it touches every aspect of your life. While it might seem like the case is personal to you and will not interfere with other parts of your life, for most people their personal lives are so intertwined with their job or civic duties that a DUI will eventually impact those things as well. For instance, if you regularly volunteer at Church or at a school the chances of the administration seeking to keep you on in that capacity become questionable. This is especially true if your case involves an injury, or a minor. But perhaps the most pressing question on everyone’s mind is how their job will be affected by a DUI. Without a steady job to go to everyday it is near impossible to pay the bills and to make sure your family’s needs are met.

There are three ways a DUI can have a trickledown effect on your employment, and they are:

  • A DUI is a two part case, one part being the criminal case against you and the other part being an administrative proceeding regarding revocation of your driver’s license. If you lose the ability to drive, you will not be able to get to work, and for some employers too many missed days or late appearances equals termination.
  • You will have to attend at least one court hearing relative to the criminal charges, and this could mean taking time off work. If you are lucky enough to have a flexible schedule, this factor may never come into play. But, if your employer requires you to maintain a strict schedule, taking off for Court can become a problem.
  • If your job is one where you hold a professional license that might be taken away for a DUI, you might be temporarily unable to perform your job duties.

Luckily, our staff is skilled in defending DUI cases and knows how to minimize the impact a DUI has on your life. For example, we timely request you be granted at least a limited right to drive and this includes the ability to drive to work. We also aggressively defend the criminal charges, and do so efficiently. This could mean the difference between a few court appearances and several. If you have questions about DUI cases, call us for answers.

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