Being arrested for DUI is no one’s idea of a good way to end an evening or afternoon outing with friends. But it does happen, and if it happens to you there are some things you need to know about how to defend your case. There is no one best defense strategy, but there are some common approaches that work depending on the facts of your case. That said, there are also some common mistakes people make along the way, and these mistakes can hurt your chances of having a successful defense. But, if you know what to watch out for, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and wind up with a result that works.

The top three mistakes people make in a DUI case, and what you can do to avoid making one, are:

  • Waiting too long to take action: the clock starts ticking the day you are arrested, and if you do not take quick action you might lose your right to drive. This is because when an officer makes a DUI arrest, the driver’s license is taken away. You do have the right to fight this revocation of your driving privileges, but you only have ten days to request a review. If you stick your head in the sand and try to avoid dealing with what has happened, you will lose your chance to fight for your right to drive. Many people are able to maintain at least a limited right to drive, which gives you the freedom you need to get to school or work. Don’t wait too long before taking action, but call us today for help if you have been arrested for DUI.
  • Driving without a license: for those that either wait too long or simply don’t make the request for administrative review of your license revocation, it might be tempting to drive anyway. But, if you are caught driving without a license, you will end up in more trouble. So, if you have not been granted a provisional license, with a limited right to drive, make other transportation arrangements.
  • Accepting the breath test results without a challenge: most of us like to be able to rely on something when things are important, and science seems like a good place to start when the issue involves chemical reactions. But scientific evidence is not fool proof, and the results of a scientific test can be challenged. If you are able to find a flaw in the testing procedure, you might be able to invalidate the breath test results. So, rather than sit back and accept the results, raise questions.

We understand the confusion that goes along with being arrested. But, with the right criminal defense attorney by your side, you can get through a criminal case without too much interruption to your life. Call us today for help.


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