No one likes to deal with an unpleasant situation, and being arrested for DUI certainly falls into that category. The ordeal starts the moment you are asked the question “have you had anything to drink?” and doesn’t end until you get your day in Court, whether that be by trial or by negotiating a sentence with the prosecution. Even then, depending on the terms you’ve agreed to or the result reached in Court, the case is far from over. And, there are what seems like a million little things along the way that you have to handle. Knowing what to expect can help you to plan, and help to keep you on track until your case comes to a final conclusion. With that in mind, we can look at some of the most common mistakes that are made after a DUI arrest, and offer tips to avoid making these same mistakes if you have been charged with DUI.

The top three mistakes that can be made in a DUI case are:

  • Pretending it didn’t happen, and failing to take quick action. It is understandable to want to hide under the covers after a bad experience and hope it will go away, but we all know that ignoring an issue will only make it worse. If you take this approach with a DUI you might miss the deadline to challenge the revocation of your license, and this will leave you without the right to drive. As much as you may not want to go visit with a professional, take the step to go as soon as possible so your rights are protected. An experienced attorney will make an immediate request for review of your license suspension, and make sure you are informed of the hearing date. This will keep you on the road while you continue to go to work or school, and also while you visit with your attorney about your defense.
  • Giving in too quickly because the breath test results show a BAC over the legal limit. Many people accept the test results too easily, and this can be a real blow to your case. You do have the right to challenge the results, and should do so. If your challenge is successful, you just might get the case against you dismissed.
  • Driving when you aren’t supposed to be driving. If you failed to challenge the revocation of your license but continue to drive anyway, you will not only face charges of driving on a suspended license, but you might also harm the criminal aspect of the DUI case against you.

Going without a car can cause a lot of headaches, but being behind bars or facing enhanced charges is even worse. In order to make the best of a hard situation, call us today. We can help you maintain your right to drive and know how to handle the criminal part of your case as well.

For help with DUI defense, call a competent criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast for help. We offer representation for a wide range of offenses, call us to schedule an appointment.