Over the years that have been a handful of trials against famous people, and at first blush it might seem like being on the jury would be beneficial. Book deals, interviews, and instant celebrity status can easily be gained when you serve on the jury of a well-known defendant. There is a downside to trials like these though, such as the length of time it can take from start to finish and court orders whereby the jury is sequestered from the public. Not being able to go home every night can really take its toll on a juror’s family, and the time away from work may cause a serious financial burden on a juror.

These are the types of issues lawyers for Aaron Hernandez know to expect, but instead they worry potential jurors may seek to sit on the case for personal gain:

  • Hernandez’s lawyers are trying to figure out ways to keep those off the jury that are only looking to gain fame for having made life decisions that impact the former Gators player.
  •  Of particular concern is the possibility potential jurors may be untruthful in the jury selection process, simply to be chosen for the jury panel.


One way Hernandez’s lawyers are considering, to avoid potential juror problems, is by seeking additional preemptory challenges. This means the defense attorneys are asking the Court to allow them the ability to dismiss a juror for no reason. In every case each side is given a set number of these types of challenges, but Hernandez’s attorneys are hoping for an extra few challenges. It will also be important for the defense to find jurors that have not had much media exposure to the case. This is an issue in all high profile cases, where possible jurors have pre-determined idea about the facts of the case. The danger posed by learning too much about a case prior to hearing the evidence is that the jury may disregard vital evidence that is produced in Court.

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