Any criminal conviction is damaging to your reputation and to your future, but a sex offense conviction is considered one of the most harmful. Most sex offenders are required to be registered as such, and the notation is even made on their driver’s license. If you are designated as a sex offender you are not eligible for certain jobs, could have the geographic location of where you live limited, and may face backlash from friends and family. These consequences are in addition to the legal consequences you face, which is why it is crucial to aggressively defend sex related charges and to make sure your name does not end up on a sex offender registry.

In this regard, the agency responsible for issuing driver’s licenses in Florida is taking the following two steps to make sure licenses do not improperly include information that a person is an offender:

  • The box that is checked to indicate a driver is a sex offender has been placed in a different location on the screen where other important information, such as being an organ donor, appears.
  • Prior to the agency confirming sex offender status, the agency’s program now includes a pop up box which requires the data entry personnel to double check the information.

These changes will provide oversight in initial entry of the information on a driver’s license. The new requirements when getting a license are the result of at least two people having been wrongfully identified as sex offenders. Due to the severity of this designation, it is important to make sure your information is accurate. It is also just as important to partner with a qualified criminal defense attorney is you are facing a sex crimes charge, in order to maintain your reputation and avoid life altering consequences.

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