The general public is unaware that a DUI case is not just a criminal case filed against a “drunk driver”. There is a second part to every DUI case, and it has just as much importance as the criminal phase of the case. The portion of your case that deals with your right to drive, the administrative proceeding regarding your license revocation, is a part of your case that also deserve attention. In fact, this part of a DUI case should be reviewed first, since the time you have to request a review of your license suspension is limited. You only have ten days after arrest to seek an administrative review of the suspension, and if you miss this deadline you will lose your license.

The law on driver’s licenses suspensions that go along with being arrested for DUI include the following two things that are vital in your effort to keep at least a limited right to drive:

  • The suspension will last for 6 months if the submitted to the breath test at the time of arrest. But, if you ask for a review, you can be granted a provisional license which gives you limited driving privilege. While a provisional license is not quite the same as having full driving rights, it does allow you to get to work and school, and other places if doing so is vital to the support of your family.
  • The suspension will last for an entire year if you refused the test, and have failed to seek administrative review of the suspension. Again, you stand the chance of being granted a limited license, so seeking review if the best course of action to take after a DUI arrest.


Being unable to drive creates a significant hardship, which is why asking for a modified license is a must. This part of your DUI case is separate from the criminal charges, but deserves thoughtful consideration just the same. Our team of traffic and DUI defense attorneys will take the necessary steps to do what is needed to help maintain your right to drive. Call today for help.

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