To most people the terms DUI and DWI are interchangeable. That could be because most of us think of these as being criminal charges against a person who was driving while drunk. But there is a difference between a DUI, which is driving under the influence and a DWI, which is driving while impaired. Because the punishment for these two crimes is not the same, it is good to know what types of factors are at play in each instance.

Two things to watch out for when thinking about whether a case should be a DUI or a DWI are:

  • A DUI is not limited to being under the influence of alcohol; other substances such as drugs can also lead to a charge of DUI. In some cases, you can even get a DUI if the substance in your system is a medication and not an illegal drug.
  • A DWI is simply a charge that can be brought if you are found to be driving while “impaired”. This can be read to mean that the driver is impaired by anything, and it might not be alcohol or drugs. Anything that causes you to not be in control of your vehicle can impair you, and cause you to be charged with DWI.

In both types of cases criminal charges are the result, and in both types of cases you might lose your right to drive. In order to protect your driver’s license, keep your car insurance rates low, and minimize the amount of jail time (if any) you will need to allow a qualified DUI defense attorney to handle your case. Our office has experience with all sorts of driving offenses, including DUI and DWI, and can help you too. If you have been pulled over and arrested for one of those harmful traffic related cases, call us for assistance. We know what to do to help you maintain your driving privileges, and to stay out of jail while serving your “sentence”.  We also know what challenges are likely to give you the results you need, and will talk over every aspect of your case with you so you feel comfortable with the defense approach being taken.


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