It might not be common knowledge, but even a simple speeding ticket can cause you harm. The way most people deal with getting a ticket for driving too fast is to pay the fine without putting up a defense. While this seems like the easiest way to dispose of a traffic ticket, it can cause you more trouble than you might expect. The consequences of having too many tickets on your record can be catastrophic, if you want to keep your driver’s license in good standing. The more tickets you receive, the more points accumulate on your driving record. When the number of points on your record reaches a certain number, your license can be taken away from you. And, depending on the type of ticket received, you might see more points added to your record for a single ticket than if you received dozens of parking citations.

Traffic violations are grouped into two different categories in Florida. The two types of tickets that hurt you the most are:

  • Moving violations, which includes any violation that takes place while you are driving. This category of ticket encompasses speeding tickets, citations for reckless driving, DUI, and any other ticket given to you while you are operating a vehicle.


  •   Nonmoving violations, which includes any violation that takes place when you are not driving. Examples include parking in a no parking zone or forgetting to plug the meter.


In order to keep you record clean and help you maintain your good driving record, call one of our skilled traffic ticket attorneys  today. We can help come up with solutions to your driving needs and will work with you to develop an effective strategy to keep your license.  Our staff is experienced in all aspects of traffic violation defense and is here to help you stay on the road.

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