Most criminal cases included the possibility of going to jail. No one wants to spend time behind bars, because it means you are not able to do the things you would normally do during the day. This includes going to school, work, running your kids to their after school activities, or just running an errand. One way to avoid going to jail if you have been arrested for a crime is to agree to go on probation as a way to resolve the charges against you. This is a common solution to many lesser offenses, most notably a DUI. But not only are there restrictions while you are on probation, like staying out of trouble and not getting any new tickets or arrest, there are also certain requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for probation.

Two ways to become a candidate for going on probation as a way to resolve a criminal charge filed against you include:

  • Having a clear record, meaning that you do not have any prior convictions.
  • Having a record that is devoid of any felony charges in your past. If you have previously been charged with a felony, you will not qualify to go on probation.

It is also usually a requirement that you be a first time offender, but that is not always the case. If you are not a first time offender and are interested in being placed on probation, you will need to discuss this matter with your attorney as soon as possible and be prepared for probationary terms that are a bit more strict than what a first time offender receives. Some of the most common requirements for a successful probation include attending rehab or other programs ordered by the Court, in the case of a DUI case you might have to have an interlock device installed in your car, and in all types of cases you are not allowed to be arrested while on probation or receive any tickets. If you are able to follow the rules set forth in your probation, you will receive the benefit of the bargain made which is you get to stay out of jail and at the end of your probationary term the charges against you will probably be reduced. This form of punishment is beneficial to the defendant and also to the State, because it allows a defendant to take responsibility for their actions while allowing the State to impose a sentence.

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