In order to take the wheel of a car you have to have a driver’s license. But not everyone is able to pass the test, or perhaps your license has been suspended and you still need to get around so you take a chance and drive yourself to work or school. In instance, driving without a license or driving while your license is suspended, you can be convicted of a crime and face potential jail time. There are a few things you need to know about these kinds of cases, including how to defend them and how you might find yourself in a tight spot for driving when you are not supposed to be driving.

One way to wind up without a driver’s license is to simply never take the driver’s test, in that instance your crime is driving without a license if you go ahead and turn the key in the ignition. A second way to find yourself without a license is by being arrested for DUI, where your license will be suspended. Here’s the difference, and two ways you can land in jail for driving without a license:

  • If you never obtained a driver’s license and drive anyway, you face misdemeanor charges if you are caught. The possibility of going to jail for this type of violation is slim, and even if you are sentenced to a term of incarceration, the amount of time will be relatively short.
  • If you are arrested for DUI, it is likely your license will be suspended. You can challenge this suspension, but if you do not do so timely then you will not be allowed to drive. If you are caught driving while your license is suspended, depending on how many times this has happened in the past, you could face felony charges.

The key is to avoiding facing any charges is to take the steps necessary to protect your right to drive. You can do this by challenging traffic tickets, which may seem minor but the more you rack up the more likely you will be classified as a habitual traffic offender. Once you are on that list, further violations are taken more seriously. Another way to protect your right to drive is to seek aggressive representation if you are charged with more serious driving infractions, such as reckless driving or a DUI. We have experience in all types of traffic and DUI cases, and will come up with an approach that fits the facts of your case. Call us today to find out more and learn what to do next if you have received a traffic ticket, had your license suspended, or been arrested for DUI.

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