If you agree to go on probation to resolve a criminal case against you, it is imperative that you fully understand the terms of your probation. Any violation, no matter how small, can be considered a probation violation and get you into more trouble than the original case. In order to successfully complete probation, let us help you understand what is expected of you.

Probation violations fit within two legal categories There are technical violations, and actual violations of probation. The difference is important, because technical violations can be hard to identify. If you are unable to identify what violates your probation, it will be hard not to do things that are considered a violation of your probation. The two ways probation can be violated are best explained as follows:

  • A technical violation: a technical violation is one along the lines of skipping a meeting with your probation officer, becoming unemployed, moving out of state, or leaving the country without permission. This could be something as innocent as going on a vacation or to visit family. While those things may seem OK to do, if not allowed by the terms of your probation you will get in trouble for doing them.
  •   An actual violation: an actual violation occurs when a brand new crime is committed before your probation has been completed. Being arrested for a crime, and perhaps even getting a speeding ticket could be considered an actual violation of your probation.


In both instances, the result is that the original charges against you are “reinstated”, meaning you will be made to face the full possible range of punishment for the original offense. In addition, you will be charged with the new crime of violating probation, and if your violation was an actual violation you will have to answer that charge as well. Along with these new charges and consequences of violating probation, the chance of incarceration increases. We can help you stick to the terms of your probation by making sure you have a clear understanding of the terms, and also by negotiating terms that you able to meet. Call our office today to learn more about probation and what to do about a probation violation.

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