Especially your Driver’s License.

How many women still have that driver’s license from their 16th birthday with the disintegrating laminate all falling off simply because they will never be 90 pounds again?

How many men have even looked at their license, other than to hand it to the clerk at the beer store?

All is well and good, until you get pulled over. Now, more than ever in today’s transient society, people move. A lot. If the address listed on your license does not match your actual mailing address, you are setting yourself up for big problems.

The story generally goes something like this: I was pulled over for going 38 in a 35and the officer took me to jail and said my license was suspended with knowledge. I didn’t know my license was suspended. Man, jail is disgusting and I never want to go back – ever!

I next question the driving history, as the suspension is always for a reason. Maybe it was an unpaid ticket (or a ticket not paid within the proper time frame with proper late fees included). Maybe they forgot to show proof of current insurance.

But no matter what, the DMV will always send you a letter giving you a period of time to fix the problem. And if their computer shows that a letter was sent to the address they have on file for you, there is a very difficult presumption to overcome in favor of the State. In other words, if the letter was sent to the address on your license instead of your actual address, you’re screwed.

Pull out your license right now and look at it. If the address where you get mail is not on there, fix it. It will save you a huge hassle in the long run.