heavy chainIf you are on probation for a crime, it is critical you follow the rules of the probation and keep out of trouble. Any new offense while you are on probation for another charge is a probation violation and can have serious consequences. If you violate probation, you will be charged with the new crime and also the offense of violating your probation. This leaves you in the situation of defending old and new charges at the same time.

A man in Jackson County was recently arrested for theft from retail giant Wal-Mart. The news reports that the man was in the store with a female companion who had paid for her purchases when he “added” some things to the cart:

● A rechargeable boom box was grabbed by the man as he tried to exit the store with his friend.

● Loss prevention employees stopped the pair, but the man and woman refused to cooperate and left the store.

● Police deputies later caught and arrested the man.

When the arrest was made the authorities learned the man was currently on probation for another theft case, also from a Wal-Mart. Charges were filed and now the man faces a probation violation. When you violate your probation, the terms are revoked and you must answer for the violation as well as the original charges. Many times, Courts seek to impose sentence immediately on the previous crime and also charge you with the violation. Building a solid defense is necessary if you wish to have a lenient sentence imposed. A competent criminal defense attorney will analyze your case and answer your questions about what is likely to happen next. We know you have questions about your future and how the charges will impact your life, and we give honest answers to your concerns.

If you’ve been charged with violation of probation or parole, call an experienced criminal defense attorney. Skilled criminal defense attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast are here to help. Your first visit is a free initial consultation; call us today to schedule your appointment.