Man behind bars_edited-1With laws like the Make My Day Law, and cases like the Treyvon Martin case making headlines, now more than ever the government is cracking down on gun ownership. We see this tightening of guidelines at both the state and federal level, and are prepared to fight for your right to bear arms. We believe in responsible gun ownership, but understand instances do arise when weapons fall into the wrong hands or a charge is lodged against someone for a weapons related crime. Our talented team of criminal defense lawyers aggressively protects your rights in cases involving guns and other weapons.

To illustrate an incident of gun ownership that went awry, we need to look no further than Polk County. There, a pastor and his wife participated in the purchase of over 40 firearms, some of which ended up in the hands of a drug cartel. The facts are:

● The purchases were made a pawn shops

● The pastor and his wife provided inaccurate information on the purchase forms

● A number of the rifles were late seized by law enforcement officials during armed confrontations with a Mexican drug cartel

The pastor and his wife faced charges for their involvement in getting the weapons into the hands of drug dealers, which included providing false ownership information on the purchase forms. This type of case shows that every aspect of gun ownership is subject to investigation by government officials. When facing an investigation of this type, it is important to have a skilled attorney represent your interests and present the facts in a light most favorable to you. Our team of criminal defense litigators is skilled at analysis of all the facts of your case and applying the law to those facts in a way that is beneficial to you. We work hard to minimize the negative impact a conviction for a weapons related charge has on your future, such as the inability to apply for permits and licenses.

If you have been charged with a weapons related offence, call our office to speak with a qualified  criminal defense attorney. We help people in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. The first visit is a free consultation, call today.