piggy bankThe purpose of child support is the continued financial support of your children after divorce. Making sure your children are taken care of and provided for is the responsibility of both parents. During your marriage your kids became accustomed to certain things, and making sure their lives remain as normal as possible helps the family transition from being together to being apart. So when child support isn’t paid, the Courts take very seriously their role as an enforcer.

State statues provide the starting point for how child support is calculated. From this springboard, you are able to deviate when the specific circumstances of your case allow for differences. Things like the unique emotional needs of your children, the lifestyle your kids are used to, and special medical needs are a few of the factors taken into account when deviating from the child support guidelines. When the party obligated to pay fails to do so the Courts can take remedial action, such as:

● Revocation of driving privileges.

● Holding the nonpayer in contempt of Court, which can also result in the issuance of an arrest warrant.

● Denial of a passport.

It is also possible to have liens placed on property, for unpaid child support. Liens on your property can prevent you from selling or refinancing until the past due obligation is paid current. You may also be subject to a wage or bank garnishment to collect support payments.

If you are owed past due child support, or have been sued for collection of an obligation, call our office for help. Our staff of competent family law attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast is familiar with the enforcement process. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.