Being pulled over for speeding is not something most people think of as a crime. But, technically speaking defense of a traffic ticket falls into the criminal defense category. For minor infractions it can be tempting to pay the ticket and move on, but doing so can have serious repercussions down the road. For instance, if you engage in this pattern of handling traffic tickets too frequently, you can end up with too many points on your record and become classified as a habitual traffic offender. Landing on the habitual traffic offender list can wreak havoc on your right to drive, can impact the amount you pay for auto insurance, and can even result in loss of your driver’s license..

Loss of your license is perhaps the most severe punishment, or at least is viewed that way by the driving public. This is because getting around without a car is hard to do, and can cause significant disruption to your day. Therefore, staying off of the habitual Traffic Offender list is a good way to ensure your driving privileges will remain intact, and can be accomplished by:

  • Keeping the number of moving violations you receive to a minimum; fifteen or more will get you classified as a habitual traffic offender.
  • Receiving more than three traffic citations for serious offenses, like DUI or driving while your license is suspended are acts that are define a driver as a habitual offender.

If you have received a notification that you are being added to the habitual offender list, you can and should challenge that action. A successful challenge will help keep harmful points off of your record and keep your insurance rates low. Simply paying a ticket without fighting to keep your record clean suddenly becomes a less attractive option when you know the possible negative impact. Call us today for more information.

If you have questions about traffic related crimes, call a competent criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast for help. Call us to schedule an appointment.