offering to shake handsTherapy, mediation, hard work, and other innovative methods can result in a divorce process that ends without Courtroom drama and nasty exchanges between the parties. One such method gaining popularity is collaborative divorce. This type of procedure works when the parties agree to full disclosure of information and to settle disputes outside of litigation.

Benefits to participation in collaborative divorce include less stress on the children by showing the parents are able to work as a team to resolve differences, even if the marriage is at its end. Another benefit is a potentially shortened process since the parties agree to be upfront with all information and disclosures. This eliminates the need to go on fishing expeditions to find assets or other information relevant to distribution of property. Also, news articles point out the financial benefits of collaborative divorce, such as:

● Lower attorney fees, because rather than each party meeting with their attorney several times and going back and forth in an effort to exchange information, full disclosure is given up front.

● Lower costs due to the potentially shortened timeframe to complete the process.

In this setting, each party still has their own attorney protecting their interests. And while collaborative divorce sounds a lot like mediation, there are differences. For example, in mediation, the parties put decisions in the hands of the mediator rather than working as a team to reach resolution. While the allure of collaborative divorce is financial savings, the process is not for everyone. If you do decide to engage in this type of dissolution of marriage, a trained legal professional is necessary. Skilled family law attorneys prepare your case and help you realize the benefits of working together with your ex, at a time when you no longer are together.

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