child hand in adult handAll too often in a divorce parents force their kids to take sides, or restrict visitation with the non- custodial parent. This behavior is detrimental to the children, and can be the cause for legal action against you by your spouse. Many of the complex divorce cases become drawn out because the parties disagree over important issues regarding their kids. But to keep your children from one of their parents is not only emotionally harmful, but may possibly be considered abusive.

Parental gatekeeping is the term used to refer to a parent that restricts or prohibits contact between their ex and the kids. It can take many forms, but the most common include:

  • Preventing communication between parent and child.
  • Refusing to allow visitation.

Making decisions that impact your kids without getting input from the other parent.


These examples of restrictive gatekeeping can be emotionally traumatic for your kids. But in some instances, the restrictive parent is acting this way for what they consider good cause. For instance, if your ex is abusing drugs or alcohol, you may feel justified in keeping your kids away. However, if you have a visitation order in place it is best to follow that order and bring the questionable behavior to the attention of the Court. Filing a Motion to Modify the visitation schedule, even on an emergency basis is a much better road to take than having your ex seek contempt charges against you.

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