Most DUI cases involve more than just the charge of drinking and driving. There is usually a traffic ticket that goes along with the DUI, or there may have been an accident with injury, and it is even possible that alcohol is not the only substance found in the driver’s bloodstream. Some cases involve not only alcohol, but also drugs. One of the most common drugs found either in the driver’s blood or in the vehicle, is marijuana. Specialized legal strategies are required for cases of this dual nature, which includes a thorough investigation of several factors.

In Florida, the DUI statutes call for a citation to be given for DUI when the blood alcohol content is 0.08% or more. When this circumstance is coupled with finding drugs on the defendant, the following things must be explored as well:

  • The timeframe leading up to the vehicle stop and arrest for DUI. Most drugs, including marijuana, stay in the system much longer than alcohol. So, it might be that the charges of DUI and the accompanying drug related charges are improper.
  • The testing procedures that identified drugs in the system should be examined carefully, because these types of substances are not detectable by typical breath tests. This means if you submitted to a blood test, the steps leading up to that test should be reviewed. When flaws are found, the existence of drugs in your system is a part of the case that you might be able to resolve quickly.


Any time drug related charges are filed the stakes are much higher. The penalties and fines increase, and the chance of jail time also goes up. Our goal is to identify the facts that are most favorable to you, and find solutions that make sense. Whether you are a first time offender, or are facing a subsequent offense, we know how to help.


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