PlanBuildingBlocks_220x222Whether this is your first divorce, or you’ve been down this road before, we know your emotions are confused and the initial days after deciding to file can be difficult. To make the transition easier it is helpful to know what to expect, much like knowing what to expect when having a baby can help prepare for the 3:00 am feedings.

A popular “doctor” devotes entire television shows, writes books, and gives speeches on divorce expectations. Dr. Phil, in his book Real Life: Surviving the 7 Most Challenging Days of Your Life outlines common issues faced by couples going through a divorce:

● Anger: it is only natural to feel anger at your soon to be ex when the decision to divorce is made. This is true regardless of whether you initiate the proceeding, or are taken by surprise by your spouse filing. In either instance there is bound to be anger at the loss of the “dream”, which often times is projected to your spouse. Do yourself a favor and keep your anger in check. It will help you feel peace and calm, and will also instill a sense of security in your children.

● Shock: this is more for the person that “didn’t see it coming”. If your spouse has sought a divorce without any prior indication that things were headed that direction, you will likely be shocked to learn the news.

● Fear: change is always hard, and this is especially true when a family dynamic changes. When divorce happens this is especially true.

Keep in mind these are all natural emotions, but knowing up front what to expect helps ease the anxiety and can pave the way for an amicable resolution of your case. Our talented team of legal professionals is here to help!

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