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A DUI is a very serious criminal offense that can have lasting implications on your criminal record and your life.  If you have been wrongly accused of DUI, you need an experienced DUI Trial Lawyer on your side.  An experienced DUI Trial Lawyer will be able to draw on his past experience in past DUI Trials to help you to make decisions that are best for you.  What Should I look for in an Experienced DUI Trial Lawyer?

What Should I look for in an Experienced DUI Trial Lawyer?

First , you probably want an experienced DUI Trial Lawyer that has actually conducted at least a few DUI Trials recently.  This might sound a little obvious, but you might be suprised how many lawyers advertise themselves as experienced DUI Trial Lawyers even though they have never completed a DUI Trial!  Don’t be afraid to ask whether the lawyer has ever completed a DUI Trial, and when the last time was that the lawyer conducted a DUI Trial.  Not every case goes to trial, in fact most don’t.  But if you believe yours might, you want to make sure you have a lawyer that has done a DUI Trial in the past.

Does the DUI Trial Lawyer’s Win/Loss Record Matter?

A DUI Trial Lawyer is not really supposed to boast about his win/loss record, because it should not be insinuated that because he won in the past, he will win your case.  A DUI Trial Lawyer is not permitted to guarantee an outcome according to the rules that regulate DUI Trial Lawyers.  This is because the outcome is generally up to the jury, not the DUI trial lawyer.  Still, if your DUI Trial Lawyer has never won a DUI Trial, that is either an indicator that he has not tried that many cases; he has clients that refuse to listen to him when he advises them about the strength and weaknesses of their case; or it means that he may have a hard time evaluating cases, the rules of evidence or juries.  While you should understand that a DUI Trial Lawyer cannot guarantee an outcome, and that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future results, it may be an indicator of the type of DUI Trial Lawyer that you are considering hiring.

Here at the Ferraro Law Group, we have experienced DUI Trial Lawyers.  We have been handling DUI cases since 1974 on the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches.  Our DUI Trial Lawyers understand the rules of evidence.  Our DUI trial Lawyers are not afraid to fight for your rights and have proven techniques for presenting DUI Trials.  Call us today for a Free Consultation before hiring another DUI Trial Lawyer.