Stuart Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney

RJ Ferraro is Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney ready to put his experience to work for you.

What are you looking for in a Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney?  Everybody has their own ideas and parameters as far as what they are looking for when shopping for a Defense Attorney in Stuart, Florida.  But when your freedom and hard earned money are on the line, I would suggest that in addition to your own ideas, you consider the following:

Does The Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney have Trial Experience?

There is no substitute for experience.  And when your liberty is on the line, you want a Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney who is willing to go the distance to aggressively fight for you.  As important, you need someone who has been in the trenches and can tell you what to expect throughout the trial process.  Not every case will go to trial, but the lawyers at the Ferraro Law Group believe that the Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney that prepares every case for trial will often find weaknesses in the State’s case which can result in a better resolution for you.  Ask your prospective Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney when the last time was that they conducted a trial as a criminal defense lawyer.  You might be shocked to hear the answer.  At the Ferraro Law Group, we understand that win or lose, a trial can be a stressful situation, the results of which can have lasting implications on your life.  Our Stuart Criminal Defense Attorneys will educate you on your rights and the strengths and weaknesses of your case; and we will go to trial upon your informed decision to do so.

How Big Is Your Prospective Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney’s Caseload?

Don’t be afraid to ask your prospective Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney approximately how many cases they keep at any given time.  Or if they cap the number of cases they will work at one time.  After all, you are paying a criminal defense attorney to give you and your case personalized attention.  If your prospective Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney is keeping a large caseload, then what distinguishes them from the Public Defender?  Clearly the Public Defender will spend more time in court in front of your judge than any other attorney.  But their caseloads can prevent them from going the extra mile in every case.  Don’t pay someone to ignore your case when you can get that for free!  At the Ferraro Law Group, we purposefully manage smaller caseloads to ensure that we can provide you with a custom defense based on your specific goals and needs.

How Well Does the Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney Know the Key Players?

While it is important to have a Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney who has the experience to fight for you at trial, not every case should go to trial.  Ultimately, you are paying your lawyer to get you the best outcome possible under the circumstances that you find yourself in.  The relationship that your attorney has with opposing counsel and your lawyer’s reputation can often shape the direction that your case will go.  The lawyers of the Ferraro Law Group have lived and practiced in Stuart, Florida our entire careers.    We have years of experience working with the local State Attorneys and judges and we are continually keeping up with the local customs and trends.

What is the Cost of Hiring A Qualified Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney?

This is usually the first question prospective clients ask when searching for a lawyer.  But the question should be, “What is the price I will pay for not hiring a great Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney?”  Your freedom?  Your job?  Your reputation?  Statistically, the best outcomes generally come for the defendants that hire a great lawyer early, before the State has filed formal charges or the first plea offer is given.  Problems tend to arise more frequently for defendants that do not do their homework on the front end or go for the bargain lawyer only to change midway through the case.  If the cost is your primary concern, go with the Public Defender.  They are almost free.  Otherwise, contact the Ferraro Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.