beer glass with keysThe percentage of alcohol in your blood is referred to as the BAC (blood alcohol content). DUI charges rely on the BAC at time of arrest, which is measured by the arresting officer by methods such as a breath test. When you blow a BAC above the legal limit, the officer is required to make an arrest for DUI. Refusing to submit to the breath test can have serious consequences, such as loss of driving privileges for one year. If you are charged with DUI, you must act quickly to protect your rights and driving privileges. The attorneys at Ferraro Law Group are skilled in dissecting the arrest and the field sobriety test results. Successful attacks on these procedures can lead to reduced charges or dismissal.

In Florida, the legal limit for blood alcohol content is 0.08 for drivers over 21 and 0.02 for drivers under 21. These results can be attacked, and it is possible to fight DUI charges. This fight is one you should undertake, to protect your driving record and keep insurance rates low. There are a number of scenarios available to you when it comes to attacking the BAC result. Among the common methods of fighting a DUI are:

● Equipment malfunction:  when the mechanism used to measure your BAC is not working properly, it is possible the test result is inaccurate

● Test administration: when the officer does not follow the proper procedure to administer the field sobriety test, results can be attacked as inaccurate and may lead to reduced charges and in some cases dismissal

● Lack of probable cause: the initial traffic stop that resulted in a BAC test should be examined to see if the officer had reason to make the traffic stop, and when probable cause does not exist to make the stop the resulting field sobriety test may be in appropriate evidence to present the Court

One or more of these circumstances may apply to your case. Each case is different, and it is these differences that make it critical to use a defense attorney that has experience in defending DUI charges. Our competent DUI defense attorneys carefully analyze the circumstances of your traffic stop, breath test and arrest. We attack your case at every possible step so the facts of your case are favorable to you. A successful defense of DUI charges can help keep your insurance premiums low and maintain your good driving record.

Ferraro Law Group provides defense in Stuart for DUI cases. Call us today to make an appointment with a skilled DUI defense attorney; the first visit is a free consultation. Minimize the damage done to your driving record and insurance rates and fight for your right to drive.