1040 Form (1)Money is the cause of most disagreements between couples and that certainly doesn’t change when going through divorce. To make sure your assets are protected and your financial future secure, sometimes using a CPA during your divorce is necessary. This is not true of every case, and because money is already at issue you should only employ a financial expert when the facts of your case justify the expense.

Some factors to examine when making the determination of when a CPA can be helpful during divorce include:

  • There is significant disparity between the income of the parties such that one will be seeking some form of financial support from the other.
  • The marital estate contains valuable assets.


  • If the parties own a business together, that must be valued and divided.


Your attorney can certainly perform the calculations needed to determine who gets what, but if you are dealing with large sums of money it is best to leave the legal argument to the legal professionals and allow a trained financial specialist to review the financial matters. CPA’s and attorneys frequently work together in the divorce setting and are able to formulate plans that are in your best interest. Our team of legal professionals welcomes input by professionals in other fields because we know through thorough analysis of your case satisfactory results are reached.

If you have questions about how a financial expert can help with your divorce case, call our office for more information. Schedule an appointment with an experienced family law attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast today.