business peopleThe nature of divorce has historically been contentious. But in recent times, with the introduction of alternative methods such as collaborative divorce and mediation, an increasing number of divorce cases are considered “friendly”. In these types of cases it is tempting to proceed without the assistance of an attorney, but doing so can result in final orders that don’t fit your needs.

There are several reasons you should still use an attorney, even if you are mediating your case or consider your split amicable:

  • An attorney will know if the terms you and your soon to be ex are legally binding.
  • When you use an attorney to review the agreements made in mediation, or during conversations with your ex, you will learn if the requests made are valid.
  • A legal eye can identify any missing items, or things you may have overlooked.

If you make the choice to work out the terms of your divorce without an attorney, it is always a good idea to have a qualified attorney review your final decisions prior to submitting them to the Court for approval. Issues such as child custody, visitation, property division, and child support are important and it is crucial you make an agreement that is lawful. You should also be on the lookout for the need for a backup plan on certain issues. For example, if you have out of town extended family you will want to be sure your ex-spouse is agreeable to your children going with you on family visits. The legal staff at the Ferraro Law Group is skilled at identifying what issues are necessary parts of a divorce case, and how to make sure the results obtained fit within your needs.

Our staff of competent family law attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast is familiar with the laws regarding divorce. We know how to make sure the results obtained are the results you want. For more information, contact our office to schedule an appointment.