Wine and Food Festival DUI Arrest

Enjoy all that our area has to offer, but drink responsibly!

Weather stations across the country have been reporting sunnier days in the midst of cold weather and residents from all parts of the nation are gearing up for summer. Snow birds are still in season, and we are in prime time for wine and food festival, charity dinners and often, DUI.

Not only does Florida have miles and miles of beautiful coast line, but also events for just about every taste. And, speaking of taste, a popular festival that involves good food and wine is getting ready to take place just to our north. The Vero Beach Wine and Food Festival has been a success in the past, and there is no reason to think it will not be a hit again in a few short months. But if you plan to go, do some advance planning in order to stay out of trouble with the law.

Two ways the Vero Beach Wine and Food Festival might land you in jail for DUI are:

  • The event includes wine, which is an alcoholic beverage. Any time you attend something where alcohol is served, and you got there by car, you run the risk of being pulled over on your way home and arrested for DUI.
  • This year the opportunity to attend after parties, where there will no doubt be more opportunities to take part in an alcoholic beverage. This is a new feature to the Festival and with even more chances to have a drink, your chances of being stopped and charged with DUI increases.

The best way to avoid an arrest is to make a plan prior to heading up the interstate for a safe ride home. You can designate a driver, use a driving service, or decide to stay put after the event ends. But even if you do make a good plan, things can still go wrong. This is true not only for this event, but also for a random Friday night out with friends. If you have been arrested for DUI you have to act fast to protect yourself and your right to drive. Our office has experience defending DUI cases and knows what type of defense will work best for the facts of your case. Call us today to find out more, and to work to save your driver’s license.

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