Agreeing to a term of probation is a popular way for people charged with crimes to resolve the case against them. Probation is a way to avoid going to jail, but still gives the prosecution the feeling that an appropriate punishment has been given. Aside from staying out of jail, probation is popular among criminal defendants because it offers certain benefits at the end of the probationary term. One common benefit offered is that the original charges are either dismissed or at least reduced to a lesser charge. But in order to enjoy the benefits probation offers it is essential to stay on track throughout the entire term of probation. That sounds easy enough, but sometimes there are questions about what you can and cannot do and if you make a mistake the State will not accept the fact you did not understand the terms of you probation as a good reason not to charge you with a probation violation.

To have a successful probationary term and avoid a violation, these three tips can make your time on probation seem like a walk in the park:

  • Pay your fines and cost, and pay them on time! If you are experiencing financial difficulty and cannot pay what is owed, don’t wait until it is too late. Take steps sooner rather than later to put a payment plan in place and if you need to make a late payment be sure you have approval, in writing!.
  • Show up for community service or appointments with your probation officer, and be on time. If you cannot keep an appointment, call to reschedule. If you are required to maintain a certain level of employment and your job is jeopardy, communicate that to your attorney as well as to your probation officer. Now is not the time to keep information to yourself, we are here to help you stay on track and can only do so if we have all of the information needed to help you.
  • Stay out of trouble while on probation. One sure fire way to have your probation revoked is to get arrested for a new crime. If that happens you now face the new charges as well as the original charges, and a charge of violating probation.

Having a successful probation happens all the time. It takes a little bit of work, but the reward is worth the effort. If you have questions about probation, call us today.

For help with probation violation cases, call a competent criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast for help. We offer representation for a wide range of offenses, call us to schedule an appointment.