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How To Tell If Your Kids Need Therapy After Divorce

kid swingingFeeling guilty about the impact your divorce has on your kids is not uncommon. But according to statistics, thousands of kids go through the divorce of their parents annually. You can get your kids through your divorce and raise happy, healthy children. But, there are times when your job will be to get your kids professional mental help. There is no shame in therapy, and its benefits are immeasurable.


An organization devoted to issues involving children offers guidance on how to recognize if your kids need therapy:


● An increase in conflict between the child and the parent

● Refusing to participate in family activities or visitation with a parent

● An increase in health issues

● Depression

● Problems in school

● Difficulty sleeping

● Withdrawing from friends


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Safeguarding Your Kids During And After Divorce

mom and kidsWhen a couple calls it quits, the kids are often left wondering if there was anything they could have done to prevent the split. Feelings of guilt and extreme mood swings are common in children of divorce. The list of things kids need from their parents is as unique as is each child, but with the right information you and your ex can put your kids first and make sure their emotional well-being remains intact.

A good guide for things that children need from each parent during and after a divorce includes:

● Involvement: the need your kids have for you to take them to the zoo, read them a book, or just ask about their day is intensified during and after a divorce. Calling, writing letters, sending cards, and even doling out discipline are all ways that make a child feel safe… Continue reading