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One More Piece Of Personal Data You Need To Know About

If you have ever spent any time at the beach you know that you leave a footprint in the sand for every step you take, and that as soon as the tide rolls in your footprint is erased. But in real life it is not as easy to remove all traces of where you have been and what you have done. For instance, if you are arrested for a crime or receive a traffic ticket, there is a record of that event that can be pulled up by the authorities with the click of the mouse. Depending on the severity of the charges, you might find yourself in hot water with the police if you are pulled over for another infraction. However, there are ways you can “erase” previous charges, but you have to qualify… Continue reading

Is It OK To Spy On Your Spouse?

back to backChecking who your spouse texted or emailed may seem harmless, but it can get you in real trouble. Acts that amount to spying on your spouse raise issues in family court, and also in a criminal law setting. While in a divorce case it may be necessary to employ a private investigator to uncover assets, if you take your actions too far you might have the need to explain yourself to a criminal law judge.

The Wall Street Journal ran an article a few years ago on the issue, and the content is still applicable today. In the article, a man began spying on his wife and it landed him in jail:

● The man had spyware installed on his wife’s cell phone.

● The family computer also had software for surveillance installed.

● The woman’s car was outfitted with GPS so her husband could… Continue reading