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Three Ways Social Media Can Hurt Your Defense

For those of you that still rent DVD’s, a recent movie became available, telling the story of fast food giant McDonald’s. The movie focused on the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc’s interaction with the brothers as Kroc built the McDonald’s empire. Sadly, the McDonald brothers lost out in the end, and their downfall was reminiscent of another pair of brothers who had a great idea and then saw it slip through their hands. The other doomed duo is the Winklevoss brothers, who famously took Mark Zuckerberg to task for “stealing” Facebook. When Facebook was first rolled out, it was for the exclusive use of college students. However, and as we all know, it has grown exponentially since that time. Facebook has millions of users, all of whom take to the site daily (sometimes multiple times… Continue reading

Two Ways Social Media Plays A Role In Your Criminal Case

These days nearly everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. These outlets can be a great way to keep up with friends and family, and to share what is going on in your life. But there are certain things that should be kept off the internet, and remain private. One reason it is important to keep things to yourself is because what you post online could end up being used as evidence against you if something bad happens. Couples going through a divorce are advised to refrain from posting suggestive photos while seeking child custody, and are also counseled to refrain from posting shots of expensive purchases or vacations if property distribution is an issue. The reason is that when you put things online that show where you are and what you are doing, if those things are not in line with what you… Continue reading

Social Media Crimes

computer cordsIt has already been shown that what you post on social media may later be used against you. Law enforcement officials around the country are turning to social media posts more and more to find evidence of crimes. A selfie at a bar  posted moments before a DUI arrest can do wonders for the prosecution’s case against you, and threats you post may help lead authorities to your door when the victim of your rant shows up badly bruised.

Now, a new turn in the realm of social medial and its impact on crimes. The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving social media giant, Facebook. The case goes like this:

● In 2010 Facebook user Anthony Elonis posted comments about killing wife.

● Elonis did not stop with comments directed towards his wife, he also targeted an… Continue reading

The Role Of Social Media In Criminal Law

facebookThe use of social media is on the rise, with no end in sight. But did you know what you post to your Facebook or Instagram can have an impact on how a criminal case is decided? Photos, quotes and other stories you post reflect on your attitude and reputation. That reflection is not always positive. For example, if you are charged with a DUI and frequently post photos and other information where alcohol is involved, your fight for a lesser sentence could be compromised. Likewise, if you routinely “check in” at bars or nightclubs while on probation you may risk losing probation depending on the terms.

More and more law enforcement are utilizing social media in their investigations into criminal activity. While most sites offer privacy safeguards, those controls are not always failsafe and what you post online could contribute to how the Judge… Continue reading

The Impact of Social Media on Divorce

facebookFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites offer a way to keep in touch with out of state friends and family. Being able to share life experiences with the click of a button is convenient, but in some cases can cause more harm than good. For example, your postings about your case may be produced in court by the other side. Racy photos or inappropriate remarks may be all that a Judge needs to determine custody of your children should lie with your ex-spouse.

Social media’s impact on divorce can also be felt in the following areas:

● Discovery of assets

● Impact on the amount of support and/or alimony

● Visitation

● Your right to privacy

While sites like LinkedIn may prove fruitful for your career, they may also give your soon to be ex ammunition to impute income. Posting promotions… Continue reading