The law is complex and involves a lot of hard to understand concepts and legal theories. Most people do not deal with judges or juries every day, so if you are involved in a legal proceeding it is natural to have questions and wonder what will happen. Knowing what to expect is beneficial because it helps you to prepare mentally for what lies ahead. While no two cases are the same, there are some common denominators for cases the same type that will give you a basic understanding of your case. For a DUI the most frequently asked question is whether you will go to jail. Beyond that, there are other questions that come to mind.

A top five list of DUI questions asked the most often includes:

  • How is a determination made I am driving while over the legal limit? The answer to this question revolves around your BAC. Your BAC is the level of alcohol in your blood and it is determined by either a breath or blood test. It is most common for an officer to ask a suspect to blow into a breath testing machine when pulled over on suspicion of DUI and this result is what will be used to charge you with DUI.
  • Is the breath test machine reliable? It would seem like this type of specialized technology would be without fail, but in truth the test often gives off a false positive. What this means is that your BAC may be under the legal limit, but the test result shows otherwise. For this reason, it is essential you challenge the test results.
  • How can I challenge the test results? A review of the equipment and testing procedure is necessary if you are going to attack the test results. This requires an investigation by a skilled legal professional and must be done timely.
  • Will I still be able to drive? The answer to this question depends on your actions. You have ten days to ask for a review of the loss of your license, and if successful most first time offenders are given a modified license and still allowed to drive during their case.
  • How much will it cost me to defend a DUI? Depending on whether you are a first time offender or this is a subsequent offense you should expect to pay fines, court costs, and legal fees. The amount varies from case to case, but in most instances manageable arrangements can be made.

The facts of your DUI case dictate some of the answers to these frequently asked questions. Rather than try to find the answers on your own, let us help.


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