Great secretIt’s no secret smoking is harmful to your health. The tobacco companies recently paid out a historical settlement to the states for misleading advertising regarding the possible impact smoking has on your health, and chances are at least one person in your social media feed is dealing with a loved one or knows someone with a loved one that has cancer. In the wake of all the reports on how bad cigarettes are for you came the next best thing to actual tobacco: e cigarettes. These products are advertised as “safe” smoking, and millions of people have jumped on the vape bandwagon.

While vapes may be less harmful than cigarettes, one important drawback is how the chemicals show up in your system. In some cases, there is a possibility of being charged with DUI when the real culprit was your e cigarette. There are a number of other causes for false positives on breath tests that should be considered if you are charged with DUI:

  • Moisture in the machine.

● Substances found in asthma inhalers.

● The chemicals used in everyday mouthwash.

● Medical conditions such as acid reflux, diabetes, or heartburn can create chemicals in your blood that lead to a false positive on a blood        alcohol test.

When charged with a DUI it is critical that you look at all the contributing factors that may have resulted in an inaccurate test. Electronic interference from radio towers and cell phones might cause the testing equipment to give a faulty reading. The bottom line is the testing procedures are not perfect, and should be questioned. Remember, to be charged with DUI your blood alcohol content has to be above a certain level. If there is any question about the test result or how they were obtained, the results cannot be used. There are many ways to fight a DUI, call our office to find out what works best for the facts of your case.

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