Being arrested for DUI can be complicated, confusing, and leave you left wondering what step to take next. Most people are not familiar with legal processes and procedures, and can be intimidated when they have to go to Court. When your freedom is on the line, the feelings of anxiety can be even more intense. All cases have a legal aspect to them, but the personal considerations of your matter should not be taken for granted.

Every case and every person is unique. So when you start to think about what you need out of your DUI defense, a good place to begin is by looking at these five personal considerations:

  • Do you want to go on probation to stay out of jail, or are you prepared to spend time behind bars? Most first time DUI cases can be resolved by going on probation, and this will keep you out of jail. But the terms of probation have to be manageable, and you have to be able to follow the rules and conditions of your probation in order to be successful. Because most people want to avoid doing any jail time, probation is a good answer.
  • How will you handle the extra financial pressures that go along with being charged with a crime? With a DUI not only will you have to pay costs and fines, but there is a good chance your auto insurance will rise. A successful defense is one that minimizes the impact a DUI arrest has on your budget, including your car insurance.
  • What will you do if you are not able to drive? When you are arrested for DUI your driver’s license is revoked. But this does not mean all driving privileges are lost. You do have the opportunity to ask for a review of your revocation, and to seek reinstatement of full driving privileges or at least a modified right to drive. But you have to act fast! There is a tight timeline for making this request, and if you miss the deadline you will not get a second chance.
  • Will going to driving school help your case? Not all cases are resolved the same way, and going to driving school is just one possibility. You might also have to go to drug or alcohol treatment programs, or have an interlock device installed in your car. The key is to make sure that whatever requirements are imposed on you, that your lifestyle can accommodate the requirements.
  • When your case is over will you want to have the record expunged? Not all cases are eligible for expungement, and in some instances the data is still visible to certain agencies. The reason you are seeking an expungement plays a role, so before making this request it is good to know the likely outcome.

Our team of defense attorneys has experience will all sorts of fact patterns, and can help you resolve your case in a way that works for you. Contact us today to find out more and learn what to do if you have been arrested for DUI.

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