A DUI is not just a criminal case against you; there is also an administrative part to most DUI cases. The administrative portion of your case is the part that deals with the suspension of your driver’s license. In most DUI arrests the driver’s license is taken away from him or her, but that does not mean that you will not be able to get it back during your case. The trick is to make sure that you seek an administrative review of your license suspension on time. And the time is tight; only ten days. The clock starts to tick when you are arrested, so it is critical to meet with a knowledgeable attorney right away so your right to drive is protected. A skilled DUI defense attorney will be familiar with the process of requesting a review of your license suspension within ten days of your arrest, and will be able to make a good argument that your license should be returned. In the majority of cases where return of the driver’s license is denied, the driver is typically granted at least a limited right to drive.

Five benefits to challenging the suspension of your driver’s license in a DUI case include:

  • If you do not get your license back you will likely be granted a provisional license.
  • With a provisional license you are allowed to drive for certain purposes, such as going to school or work.
  • The challenge to your license suspension gets you in front of an administrative body, which will give you some exposure to the process and help to put you at ease when you have to go to Court. The setting is less formal and is a good place to start gaining your footing and preparing for what lies ahead.
  • If the arresting officer appears you will learn what he plans to say during your case, and this can help you to prepare a defense for the criminal part of the DUI case.
  • If the arresting officer does not appear your chances of getting your license back in full are not 100%, but do increase.

If you have been arrested for DUI, call us for help. We will help you maintain the right to drive and also work with you to develop an effective strategy for defense of the criminal charges against you.


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