Any time the red and blue lights of a police patrol car come into focus in your rearview mirror, you might be inclined to panic. Getting pulled over for a traffic violation is not only inconvenient; it can lead to harmful consequences as far as your ability to drive is concerned. Depending on the type of citation you receive, the punishment can include imprisonment and loss of your driver’s license. With a DUI you might also face other punishments or be made to participate in certain educational courses in order to resolve the case against you.

One of the scariest thoughts that might run through your mind if you are getting pulled over and have been drinking is that you could be arrested for DUI. In any traffic stop, but especially if there is a chance you might be asked to submit to a field sobriety test it is helpful to know how to act. Here are five things to keep in mind if you are pulled over and think it is possible the officer will question you about whether you have been drinking:

  • Remain calm and answer the officer’s questions politely.
  • Do not offer any information other than what was asked of you, the more you say the more chances you give law enforcement to dig further and ask more questions.
  • Do not make any sudden moves, and if you have to reach into your purse or behind you in the back seat make sure the officer knows your intentions.
  • Do not give permission to have your car searched, because doing so will mean that anything found is fair game and can be used against you.
  • If you pass the field sobriety test and are permitted to go on your way, take a moment before you pull back out into traffic, letting the officer go ahead of you if possible. This will not only give you a chance to gather yourself, but will also allow the officer to proceed in front of you and keep you out of his or her line of sight.

A DUI is a serious charge with serious consequences. If you are charged with DUI you will have to defend your right to drive as well as the criminal charges against you. Many cases can be resolved by agreeing to certain terms, but these can be inconvenient or impose a hardship on you or your family. For help limiting the impact DUI has, call our office today.

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