Memorial Day signals the end of the school year, or close to it, and the start of summer. With the summertime comes backyard barbeques, swimming parties, trips to the water, and vacation for many American families. This time of celebration is often accompanied by drinking and if you have had a few too many drinks you might be pulled over on suspicion of DUI. There is no worse way to spend your holiday weekend than by having a patrolman come up to your window and ask you to step out and take a breath test.

If you want to stay safe and out of trouble this Memorial Day weekend, follow these five tips. This list includes the most common driving patterns that alert the police to a possible DUI:

  • Driving too fast or too slow. It might seem like a good idea to drive just a bit under the speed limit if you have been drinking, but doing so only draws attention to your driving and is considered unsafe. Because the police categorize slow driving as dangerous, you are likely to be pulled over.
  • Driving erratically, such as by weaving in and out of traffic or crossing over the center line.
  • Blowing through stop signs or other traffic signals.
  • Going the wrong way on a one ways street, or entering the freeway on an exit ramp. low response time from a stopped position, either at a light or stop sign.
  • Proceeding slowly through a stop sign or stop light or otherwise responding slowly to other motorist’s driving patterns.

You can also draw attention to yourself if you are texting while driving, because this behavior can cause your driving to resemble drunk driving. Texting while driving is a serious offense as well and if you are charged with distracted driving for this reason an aggressive defense is necessary.  For all of your traffic ticket needs including distracted driving or DUI, call our office to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney. We help people charged with a wide variety of traffic offenses in Stuart and the Treasure Coast and can help you too! Call today to schedule your appointment.


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